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October 2, 2021 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Japanese Cultural Center – Autumn Workshop (Virtual or Hybrid)

Nihon Buyo(日本舞踊)draws from Kabuki and also has origins derived from Noh and Bugaku. The Autumn Workshop will focus on the dance “Kisen”. Originating from the Kabuki play with the same name. “Kisen” refers to Kisen Hoshi, a Buddhist monk and poet, and deemed one of the “Six Immortal Poets” during the 9th Century. This dance is performed unique to the Fujieda Festival where only the locals are allowed to participate. Shubukai’s Yoshinojo Sensei was granted permission to learn and share the dance here in Chicago. This is a Beginner level class. Previous participation in Intro Workshops or Nihon Buyo experience is not required but would be very helpful.

The tenugui (hand towel) is a commonly used prop in Japanese Classical dance, and it will be used for the Hybrid Autumn workshop featuring the dance “Kisen” .
Only one tenugui is needed. There are two pattern options, one is ‘pink’ and the other is ‘blue’. Participants in the remote/virtual option for the class are urged to order by Sept. 15 to ensure delivery in time for the class. The tenugui will be shipped directly from Japan, and due to the special offer through Shubukai, there will be no delivery charge.

There is also an opportunity to buy either a Men’s or Women’s Yukata Set . (it is the same Yukata pattern that was worn by Shubukai during Bon Fest Chicago this past July) and it will also be available for purchase using the link.
It includes Yukata, Obi (sash), Tabi (socks), and Zori (sandals). These will also be directly shipped from Japan, but there is a delivery charge due to the combined weight of the items in the Yukata set. Regardless, it is a very good opportunity if one is interested in obtaining a Yukata.

The Yukata set is NOT required for the workshop.

Thank you to Yukiwa Japan for their ongoing support of Shubukai.
Order Tenugui or Yukata set using this link:
Students will meet on the following Saturdays and Wednesdays:

10/2, 10/6**, 10/9, 10/13, 10/23 & 10/27**

**The 10/6 and 10/27 will meet in person.

All Classes – 7:30PM – 8:30PM
Register for this class here

COVID Protocol:

As concern continues to rise over the delta variant of COVID-19, masks are required for this workshop due to the city-wide mandate. The JCC is also requiring vaccination against COVID-19 for this workshop.


October 2, 2021
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm